So you’ve finally booked that trip to Thailand, but now there is tons to do before you leave, one of which is packing your backpack. But with limited space, its hard to figure out what you need to pack and what to leave out. My rule of thumb when it comes to backpacking is to pack light, otherwise you’ll be struggling just to carry your backpack around. The idea is to be as mobile as possible while still having the essentials that you will need.

Remember, Thailand is a developed country, so there are many things you can get there and usually for a better price. So don’t worry about packing every little thing because you think you won’t be able to find it there. Chances are you will be able to. For example, there is a 7-11 on pretty much every street corner in most major cities in Thailand. Here you can get everything from toiletries, to snacks, to common everyday accessories.

One of the things that I do often suggest is to pack any liquids into 100ml bottles or less. Sometimes you may decide to hop on a flight to reach your next destination in order to save time. While domestic flights are cheap in Thailand, they often come with a high charge to check your luggage. Having a backpack that is not too big and has liquids in 100ml bottles or less will be eligible to be a carry-on so you can save on the luggage fees.

So lets get started: here is your Thailand Packing List for backpackers:

1) A Backpack

Obviously you need a backpack, but in my opinion, it should not be bigger than 45 litres give or take. The reason for this is that carrying anymore than this amount will result in a very heavy and large backpack. Most 45 litre bags can be carried on an airplane instead of having to check it. As well, it will never be too heavy. I personally like to only pack it about half full, so its easy to carry and gives me plenty of space for things that I pick up along the way. After all, Thailand is full of amazing shopping opportunities that you won’t want to miss out on. Here is a good pack on Amazon that is 50Ls with ample pocket space.

I would also recommend a small daypack that you can have on you while in transit. Many modes of transportation will require you to put your big backpack in an area for luggage. So if you don’t want to part with valuable items, have a separate daypack.


Eiger , Deuter ,Consina , Rei  rucksacks yang harga mulai dari ratusan sampai jutaan seperti yang murah dan bagus boleh pilih merk consina atau rei yang bagus itu Eiger dan Deuter dari 30L , 45L , 50L , 60L , 70L .


2) Entertainment

When you are backpacking, there are plenty of times where you will be in transit for long hours at a time. In order to curb your boredom, it is a good idea to pack some entertainment essentials. I suggest that these go into your day pack instead of your main backpack since most hostels have small lockers for you that you can fit a daypack into. As well, its easier to have a daypack on your lap in transit than your big backpack. So here’s some entertainment suggestions:

  • A book or two. Or better yet, a Kindle. This will save a ton of space and give you access to many books at a time. One book that I particularly found useful for backpacking Thailand is Lonely Planet’s Thailand Travel Guide.
  • A mid-range tablet. Something like a Google Nexus tablet would be great. You don’t want to bring something too expensive, otherwise you’ll be paranoid that it could get stolen. Better to have something that isn’t too expensive, but can still be loaded with movies, tv shows, games, etc.
  • Music player – This can either be music on your phone or on your iPod. Trust me, you will need music!
  • Wi-fi device – this can be any device listed above (phone, tablet, iPod) that has internet capabilities. While not 100% necessary, it will certainly help to research places to go, book hostels, communicate with other backpackers and family back home. It’s a good idea to have since something incase you need to access the internet.
  • Earbud earphones. Nice and compact! Also, its a good idea to have the kind that has a little microphone on it so you can use it for Skyping with friends and family back home.


3) Clothing

Now here is where you have to be careful to not pack too much. Remember Thailand is a warm country, so you don’t need heavy clothing. Also you will likely pick up cool clothing along the way, so don’t worry if you under pack your clothes. As for getting your clothes washed there, it is very inexpensive to have it all done for you. Just drop your laundry off and pick it up the next day.

  • A couple t-shirts
  • A couple tanktops
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • A pair of long pants (airplanes get cold!)
  • One sweater
  • 5 pairs of underwear (I like to pack a little extra underwear since they are small)
  • A pair of socks
  • Flip flops or sandals
  • Swimwear (boardshorts, bikini)
  • Optional items
    • A pair of shoes. I brought a pair for wearing on the airplane, but not necessary since you will mostly be wearing sandals.
    • Hiking shoes/boots – only if you are going hiking. Otherwise its a lot to carry.


4) Items that pack light

  • Travel towel – These are great, pack super small, dry fast, and excellent for the beach! Highly recommend since many hostels make you pay to rent a towel. Many of these towels are anti-bacterial, so they will not smell quickly in your backpack like regular towels.
  • Day pack that packs down – There are many daypacks on the market that can literally be packed down to nothing!
  • Blow-up travel pillow – super essential! It’s always nice to have a pillow while travelling for long periods of time, but most on the market take up a ton of space. Not ones that you blow up with air. They take up virtually no space!
  • Packing cubes – While it may seem counter-productive, packing cubes actually free up more space. They do this by keeping things organized. As well, it makes it much easier to find things in your pack.
  • A decent smart phone – Why? Because your smart phone can also be your camera, web browser, music player, etc. etc.


5) Toiletries

As mentioned earlier, it is best to have 100ml bottles or less to ensure everything packs small and that your pack can be carried onto an airplane instead of having to be checked in as luggage.

  • Toiletry Bag – To hold all your toiletries together and protect spills onto the rest of your pack. Here is the toiletry bag I used which was amazing. Tons of pockets to separate stuff and a hook to hang it up. So easy so have everything you need when you go for a shower.
  • Toothbrush
  • Small tube of toothpaste
  • Small bottle of shampoo
  • Bar of soap or small bottle of bodywash
  • deodorant – so you don’t smell!
  • Sunscreen lotion – you’ll need it in Thailand!


6) First aid and Meds

  • Any prescription meds you need to take – make sure you have your name on the bottle since some many meds are illegal in Thailand without a prescription. Personally I would get a prescription for Valium or Xanax which can be useful on super long bus journeys.. just be very careful with them.
  • Pain-killer such as Advil
  • Stomach medicine such as Imodium or Pepto
  • Cough drops – just in case
  • Motion sickness medication – super useful when travelling in the mountains or on boats
  • Anti-histimines
  • Bandaids or different sizes
  • Small bottle of disinfectant
  • Rehydration sachets


7) Other essentials

  • Earplugs – Always good to have when sleeping in a shared dorm.
  • Eye shades – So you can sleep anywhere at any time.
  • Sunglasses
  • Waterproof case – This is a case to put things in like your cell phone, wallet, or anything that you don’t want to get wet. Often times you will be near the ocean and want to bring things along like your camera, but I’ve seen lots of accidents happen. So this is good to have, plus it protects your gear from very high humidity which Thailand is known for.
  • Condoms – Shouldn’t need to explain this one. I personally would not trust condoms that you can buy there. Best to bring your own.
  • A small laundry bag that packs small so you can separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones.
  • Copies of your passport – super useful to have in the scenario that you loose your passport
  • Journal – Always a good idea to keep a log of your travels that you can read years from now!
  • Mosquito spray
  • Combination lock – many hostels will have lockers for your valuables but you will often need to provide your own lock. I prefer combination since you don’t have to worry about loosing a key.
  • Moneybelt – A good idea to have so you can hide cash and your passport under your clothing.


I hope this packing list for Thailand. And remember, don’t worry if you forget stuff since you will be able to buy stuff in Thailand while you are there. Just relax, and have a great time!

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