Markets and Shopping In Patong

Markets in Patong

1.Banzaan Market

Many visitors will enjoy exploring Banzaan Market in Patong, a modern-looking Thai fresh market on Sai Kor Road, right behind the megamall Jungceylon. Basically, you can get anything that one would expect from a local market here but in a much more pleasant environment. Prices are reasonable. The Banzaan Market is the brainchild of a well-known Phuket family who sought to offer shoppers an alternative experience other than visiting a typical local market. The word ‘banzaan’ means fresh market in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect popular among many overseas Chinese communities throughout Southeast Asia.

The big upstairs food court features a comfortable and clean dining space with quick service. The menu consists mainly of Thai food, so don’t expect KFC or fast food of any kind but lunch here will probably cost you less than 100 baht. Also, there are many small kiosks selling clothes, shoes, children’s toys, gifts, artificial orchids and other types of flowers. Also, in a unique twist, Banzaan Market is also home to a radio station, Smooth Smile FM 105MHz that broadcasts daily from 06:00 – 02:00. Another important building at Banzaan is a small but attractive Chinese shrine called Hok Siean Tua located at the front of the market. Though founded only in January 2011, it has quickly become a popular spiritual centre for many Patong residents, especially during the annual Vegetarian Festival. Overall, Banzaan Market comes across as a friendly neighborhood market in Phuket. Go see it for yourself!

Opening Hours: Daily from 07:00 – 17:00

Location: On Sai Kor Road, right behind the Jungceylon megamall in Patong

2.Malin Plaza Patong

The highlight of the market is the impressive array of food stands in front of the roofed area. These serve up anything from Thai street food classics to fried chicken and chips, crepes, fresh ice cream, sushi, 90-baht cocktails and fresh fruit. There are some stalls which specialise in halal food, which is also available at the Al Basha Restaurant, which is to one side of Malin Plaza Patong. The Italian Da Mario Restaurant is next door to that. The food throughout the market is very good, by street food standards, is safe and cheap for Patong.

Malin Plaza Patong is one of three in a chain of such markets (the others being in Chiang Mai and Mahasarakham). It is a good place for newcomers to experience Thai street food at great prices and to spend the money you just saved on dining on good quality souvenirs, which you can peruse in relative comfort. It is found by the side of the southernmost main road in Patong, between the exits for Rat-U-Thit Road and Sai Kor Road, with its glowing blue sign being impossible to miss.
Opening Hours: 14:00 – 24:00

Location: Prachanukhro Road, South Patong Beach Tel: +66 (0)93 324 7888

3.Royal Paradise Night Market – Phuket

Paradise Night Market, like many other markets and malls in Patong, has developed and cleaned up its act over the years. Nowadays this nightly market (18:00 – 23:00) has blossomed into at least 100 stores and you can browse through items ranging from mobile phone covers, sun hats, cushion and bedcovers, lamps, and beachwear and of course much more. The market ‘begins’ along busy Rat-U-Thit Road outside the towering Royal Paradise Hotel and turns to snake through the middle aisle (or ‘soi’ in Thai) of the three Royal Paradise Hotel entrance sois.

Apart from the evening breezes, there is no cooling ventilation at Paradise Night Market so make sure you dress light and wear a smile as you bargain, and speaking of prices unless they are clearly marked most vendors will assess your spending power by the way you look and from where you come. The language problem is not so prevalent here as many of the traders are from neighbouring countries and speak English quite well – and will assist if you come across a non-English-speaking Thai vendor. As this is the central soi it’s not too far to wander through to the other sois and have a snack and a beer at one of the many bars and pubs that line Soi Paradise and there are some excellent seafood restaurants diagonally opposite the market on Rat-U-Thit Road.

Opening Hours: Daily from 18:00 – 22:00

Location: In front of the Royal Paradise Hotel


Phuket Town Central Market

Located on ranong road , apart from the two fresh market here – talad sod satarana and downtown market

Ranong road is also famous for being the local bus station its link phuket town to most of Phuket beaches from 07.00 – 18.00 , about 20-30 bath to beach .

Opening hour : 05.00 -11.00 daily

Downtown Market is located in a soi on the right side of the one way ranong road , about 100m from the entrance of the street linking ranong and krabi roads .

Kata Market

Also know as kata porpeang market , ( talad nad for market open twice or thrice in a week , talad sod for market open daily ) , located on kata road opposite the chaca Phuket resort

Opening hours : 11.00 – 21.00 every Monday and Thursday

Kamala Village Market

Also known as ‘’ kamala talad nat ‘’ held on Wednesday and Saturday at bottom of the hill that separate kamala from patog , along the main road . known as fantasia market

Opening hour : 15.00 – 19.30

Lacation opposite Bangkok bank on kamala main road .

Cherng Talay Market

Located right opposite cherng talay police station , on the road that leads to the laguna Phuket complex of hotel

Opening hour : afternoon – 20.00 on Wednesday and Sunday


4.Patong OTOP Shopping Paradise in Phuket

Patong’s OTOP market stands along Rat-U-Thit Road directly opposite Dusit D2 Phuket and Hard Rock Café and is fairly quiet during the day and early evening. It’s only when the OTOP’s bars start to fill up (and there are a lot of them) that the market begins to get going. One of the reasons for this market’s popularity is that stall owners here rarely hassle passersby and there’s very little of the hard sell used by Soi Bangla and Beach Road traders. At OTOP you can combine a night drinking out at the (mostly Aussie) bars that line the alleys while getting your holiday shopping done. In short, it’s a fun and an unusual place to be. For serious shopaholics it’s good to know that there’s a money exchange bureau at the corner of the market on the main road along with several ATMs. Also along the well-lit alleyways you’ll find several restaurants, mobile food carts, and even a designated whiskey shop as well as a Black Canyon coffee outlet.

Items include purses, mobile phones and accessories, electronic gear such as iPods and headphones, pirated smart phones, mini-lasers, watches, fashion T-shirts at a fraction of the cost back home, travel bags (both hard and soft), toothpick holders, mugs, boxer shorts, beer-themed singlets (a must for most male shoppers), socks, baseball caps, basketball outfits, sports shoes, flip-flops, sunglasses, floppy sun hats, silly hats (but, rather disappointingly, no ‘Kiss Me Quick’ ones).

Opening Hours: 10:00 – late

Location: Opposite Hard Rock Café Phuket and Destination Patong Hotel on Rat-U-Thit Road

5.SB Plaza

SB Plaza in Phuket is a great place to pick up budget souvenirs in Patong. Conveniently located right in the heart of the city, between the expansive (and, generally, expensive) Jungceylon Shopping Centre and the Sleep With Me Design Hotel along Rat-U-Thit Road, it has quite an impressive choice of small market-type stalls selling a variety of wares. For the most part, the goods on sale at SB Plaza are far from unique – you can get effectively the same stuff at any of Phuket’s many markets, as well as right across Thailand. This includes clothing, bags, luggage, swimwear, fake sports apparel, questionable Thai silk products, a small selection of electrical goods and various souvenirs. The prices are also pretty similar. For example, the cost of a t-shirt starts at around 100 baht, though most prices can be haggled down, particularly if you buy more items at once.

There are a few unique aspects to SB Plaza in Phuket. A few of the stalls have quite a unique and remarkable range of items, including one selling what you could charitably call “army surplus-style” gear. There are several enclosed and air-conditioned stores, selling higher-quality goods including locally-produced snacks and treats as well as a couple of tattoo shops and a couple of tailor shops. There is also a choice of restaurants, selling mostly Thai cuisine. With corridors laid out in a simple grid, many of which are covered by a metal roof, SB Plaza is easy to look around, with cheerful and not excessively pushy storekeepers keen to help you find the perfect gift to take home. Its location close by some of Patong’s key attractions – including Bangla Road and the large shopping malls which surround it – makes it the most convenient market of its kind in the popular resort town, but the good prices and large number of stalls ensure that you don’t have to pay extra for that convenience.

Opening Hours: Every day

Address: 205/7-9 Rat-U-Tit Road, between Jungceylon and Sleep With Me Hotel, Patong

6.Banana Walk

Banana Walk is Patong’s newest shopping centre and is located just 100 metres south of Soi Bangla on the Beach Road, right next to Banana Disco. With over 4,000sqm of retail space, the mall is multilevel (three floors) and its overall design leans toward minimal and modernistic: the buffed concrete walls, the metal structure of the tall Plexiglas roof above a large open space, at night the lighting ranging from blue to red all gives Banana Walk the feeling of entering a spaceship dock in a science fiction movie. Shopping, dining and cosmetics are the three main thrusts of this large three-storey complex in which you can find almost anything to eat, drink, or buy. You even can improve your well-being at a spa or make yourself even more pretty/handsome at an aesthetic centre or at the onsite hairdresser.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 11:00 – 23:00

Location: Beach Road, near Banana Disco, Phuket 83150

Tel: +66 (0)86 997 8055

7.Bangla Mall

Bangla Mall sits squarely in the middle of chaotic Patong’s Bangla Road – the epicentre of Phuket Island’s nightlife, shopping, and entertainment hub. Bangla Mall officially opened in late 2012, is another good option for shopaholics; it features retail shops of all kinds as well as small kiosks, stands and restaurants. Customers will find plenty of things to take home, including watches, women’s clothing, eye glasses, kids’ clothes, shoes, bags, household items, pearls, jewelry, crystal, silk products, cosmetics, IT, spa products, leather goods and toys. There is also a bank (with ATM and money exchange service), Boots pharmacy shop, a supermarket and a food court.

Upstairs is still a work in progress with a soon-to-open spray-on tanning salon – this in a tropical beachside town – presumably for those who would like the beach look without getting sand between their toes, and a modest food court where such delights as chicken burgers go for 220 baht and a dish of noodles costs 50 baht. Underneath the mall stands a 7-Eleven and a curious affair called a ‘Korean-Style Capsule Backpackers Hotel’ that is decidedly cheaper than almost anywhere else in Patong. Whether guests get to get any sleep there is another question, though, given the high decibels along Bangla Road every night until just before dawn.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10:00 – 22:00

Location: Opposite New Tiger Entertainment Complex in Soi Bangla.

Tel: 076 342 531

8.Ocean Plaza Beach Road

Ocean Plaza Patong is one of two contained shopping malls along Patong’s Beach Road (the other being Banana Walk). Ocean Plaza has changed over the years from being somewhat of a haberdashery selling everything from fake guns to underwear to guitar strings to becoming a tangible and organized department store. Outside on the Beach Road gets fairly busy once the sun starts going down and beach lovers head back to spruce themselves up for the night’s action. To the right of ocean’s façade stand a sushi outlet with healthy but fairly expensive dishes. There’s also a fun pink VW Kombi that opens in the evening and sells cocktails, along with a Top Charoen Optician outlet where the ‘Sale’ sign never gets taken down. Handily enough, you’ll also find a currency exchange and an ATM machine here.

Up on the first floor you’ll find reasonably priced footwear, reading glasses and sunglasses, cute children’s clothes, and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) shorts. A nice surprise awaits here for those who know Ocean from years ago: Instead of the terrifying guns and combat knives the entire corner has been cleaned out and replaced with beach balls, rubber rings, a Lillo collection, and all manner of beach gear. Finally on the top section of Ocean Plaza Patong Beach Road stands a food court that is air conditioned after a manner but is by no stretch of the imagination cool and refreshing. Here, you can tuck into noodles, fried rice and lots more. Each stand has a photo menu to explain what’s on offer. For light shoppers there is a supermarket/convenience store below the mall.

Opening Hours: Daily from 10:30 – 23:30

Location: Patong Beach Road, close to Patong Merlin Hotel





























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